Infiray Thermal Cameras Christmas Sale: Up to 28% off!

infiray thermal camera christmas deal up to 28% off

Christmas is just around the corner. From December 10th to December 20th(Date extended to 24th), you'll get up to 28% off your purchase at If you missed Black Friday, don't miss this Christmas season campaign.  Grab up to 28% discount on Christmas season to buy infiray thermal camera, the best Christmas gift for the male buddy!2023 Christmas infiray xinfrared thermal camera sale prices list

Infiray P2 Pro, T2 Pro and T2S Plus are all on sale for the Christmas season!

1. Infiray P2 PRO Thermal Camera: 23.41% OFF

Original Price: 299 USD
Current Price: 229 USD
Order link:

Infiray P2 PRO Thermal Camera

2. Infiray P2 PRO with Macro Lens: 28.65% OFF

Original Price: 349 USD
Current Price: 249 USD
Order link:

Infiray P2 PRO with Macro Lens

3. Infiray T2 PRO Thermal Monocular: 20.98% OFF

Original Price: 429 USD
Current Price: 339 USD
Order link:

Infiray T2 PRO Thermal Monocular

4. Infiray T2 PRO+Protective Shell: 25.59% OFF

Original Price: 469 USD
Current Price: 349 USD
Order link:

Infiray T2 PRO with Protective Shell

5. Infiray T2S Plus Themal Camera: 21.73% OFF

Original Price: 359 USD
Current Price: 281 USD
Order link:

Infiray T2S Plus Themal Camera


(US Eastern Time, Washington and New York time):
Start: Dec.10, 2023  11:00 AM
End: Dec.25, 2023  12:00 AM

(Berlin, Germany; Paris, France):
Start: Dec.10, 2023  05:00 AM
End: Dec.25, 2023  06:00 AM

(London, England):
Start: Dec.10, 2023  04:00 AM
End: Dec.25, 2023  05:00 AM

Disclaimer: Prices, availability, and terms are subject to change. Please refer to our website for the most up-to-date information regarding products, promotions, and ordering details. During Christmas, other discount coupons cannot be used.
Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions. (

Besides the subject matter:  Why thermal camera is the best Christmas gift for a man?

1. Trendy
Thermal cameras are now at the top of men's wish lists, according to google trends, they are always on the rise and get a lot of mentions on social media. If you are a DIYer or 3D printer enthusiast, this is definitely a great gadget that will increase your creativity. If your male best friend/husband gets this product, you will be the best gift giver in their eyes.

2. Useful
Temperature measurement will be needed in many occasions in family life, and the thermal imaging camera with its accurate temperature measurement function can be very good to deal with the fever of children/pets. If there is a pet escape, you can use a thermal camera to find the target jailbreaker, and of course you may find intruders such as mice. You can also detect rooms for things like plumbing leaks and heating heat loss, preventing in advance the potentially high costs of home repairs.

3. Fun
Thermal imaging camera will observe the human eye can not observe the picture, you can observe the animal 800 meters away from your back, for example, is eating grass deer; you can observe each part of the human body body temperature differences and so on.

Would you like to receive a thermal camera for Christmas? Please let me know in the comments section.

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