Xinfrared Thermal Cameras Big Deal: Up To 20% Off!

Xinfrared Thermal Cameras Big Deal: Up To 20% Off!

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Amazon Prime Day will start in October. During 10/10-11/10, our Xinfraredx will also have Big Deal Day promotion at the same time.
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 Use a thermal camera to perform thermal imaging on your iPhone, inspect operating CNC equipment, and provide easy-to-use thermal imaging for students. Using thermal imaging cameras for outdoor use, many people use thermal imaging cameras to make hunting easier.

A thermal camera for quick temperature checks and scaling of temperature readings. You can use thermal cameras to measure body temperature for home health work in work or home care, home visiting and health care, as well as reliable equipment for medical examination.

Some people use thermal cameras to locate radiant heating tubes in ceilings and floors, to check heat flow and insulation, and for construction purposes. It can be used to test instruments, troubleshoot instruments at close range and check your electronic boards.

Promotional items:


InfiRay P2 Pro Thermal Camera with High Measuring Range Accuracy WITH MAGNETIC MACRO LENS:
Original Price: 329 USD
Current Price: 249 USD
24.32% OFF
Discount Code: P2-PRO-MACRO-PRIME
Order link:

2. P2 PRO

InfiRay P2 Pro Thermal Camera with High Measuring Range Accuracy:
Original Price: 249 USD
Current Price: 224 USD
10% OFF
Discount Code: P2-PRO-PRIME
Order link:


3. T2 PRO

InfiRay Xinfrared T2 Pro Thermal Monocular for Hunting:
Original Price: 429 USD
Current Price: 349 USD
18.65% OFF
Discount Code: T2-PRO-PRIME
Order link:


InfiRay Xinfrared T2 Pro Thermal Monocular for Hunting+PROTECTIVE SHELL:
Original Price: 469 USD
Current Price: 379 USD
19.19% OFF
Discount Code: T2-PRO-SHELL-PRIME
Order link:


5. T2S+

Xinfrared T2S Plus 8mm temperature measurement focusable macro thermal camera:
Original Price: 359 USD
Current Price: 281 USD
21.73% OFF
Discount Code: T2S+PRIME
Order link:

Time(US Eastern Time, Washington and New York time):
Start: 10/10/2023  03:00 am
End: 11/10/2023  12:00 pm
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 And please follow us at Xinfrared. Our InfiRay T2 PRO and P2 PRO have also become industry leaders. P2 PRO is the world’s smallest mobile phone thermal imaging. T2 PRO is very useful for hunting or tracking prey in the wild. We are committed to high-sensitivity, fully digital, ultra-low power consumption products. There are promotions on these two days, don’t miss it.

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