Best Budget Thermal Cameras for Android

Thermal imaging of Infiray P2 Pro

Recently, a new wave of infrared cameras that connects to your smartphone, instantly transforming it into an infrared camera. This technology is compatible with iPhone and Android devices and can detect overheated appliances, locate hidden individuals and animals, and more. In this post, we will introduce you to affordable thermal cameras for Android.

1. What is a thermal imaging camera?
2. The main use of infrared camera scenes
3. Thermal imaging cameras for android too
3-1.Best thermal imaging camera for Android - InfiRay Xinfrared P2 pro
3-2.FLIR ONE for Android
3-3.BlackView BV6600PRO
4. Frequently Asked Questions about Xinfrared Thermal Cameras
  1. What is an thermal camera?

Thermal imaging camera is a non-contact device that measures the surface temperature of an object in real time.

The image captured by a thermal imaging camera is called a "thermal image", with high temperature areas being darker and low temperature areas showing lighter colors, and in many thermal imaging camera devices you can set the thermal image to a variety of colors including red, green, and blue. The main feature of this type of thermal imaging camera is that the temperature of an object can be detected immediately by looking at the thermal image.

  1. Main applications of thermal imaging cameras

In recent years, with the increasing awareness of infectious diseases, thermal imaging cameras have begun to appear in people's daily lives and are widely used in a variety of specialized fields. So what exactly are thermal imaging cameras used for? Below are some examples of the wide range of applications for thermal imaging cameras.

①Temperature monitoring at large events

Due to the spread of the COVID-19, thermal imaging products with features such as face recognition have emerged for detecting people with fever. They are generally used in large venues, airports, office buildings, and other places with a lot of people coming and going, and can be used to determine whether a person with a fever is carrying COVID-19 by conducting a rapid temperature test on him or her, so that measures can be taken quickly.

②Maritime and outdoor surveys

Utilizing the temperature sensing feature, thermal cameras can detect objects of varying temperatures in environments where the temperature is relatively constant, such as the sea surface, and can be used even at night or in rainy weather when visibility is poor. Thermal imaging cameras are typically used to monitor the sea for the presence of boats or outdoors for large wildlife.

③Checking electrical installations

Thermal cameras can be used to measure temperature changes during the operation of machines such as factories and electrical installations. By detecting abnormal heat generation, abnormalities such as equipment malfunctions or fires can be quickly detected and dealt with. In recent years, many people have also used thermal imaging cameras to overhaul houses and tiny electronic parts.

    3. thermal cameras Available for Android Phones

With the development of technology, the types of infrared cameras are becoming more and more diversified, in addition to the common handheld and fixed, there is also a kind of infrared camera can be connected to the use of cell phones, does not require complex operation, the newbie can easily get started. Now, let's take a look at the thermal imaging cameras that you can use on your Android phone.

 3-1.Best Thermal Camera for Android - InfiRay Xinfrared P2 pro

InfiRay is a company specializing in technology creativity. Since the release of 14um 1024x768 infrared detector in 2015, Xinfrared has been actively leading thermal imaging technology into the public life. Nowadays, Xinfrared series of cell phone thermal imaging cameras have reached the world's leading level and are widely used in outdoor rescue, animal observation, floor heating leak detection, circuit board repair and other fields.

InfiRay Xinfrared P2 pro is the macro thermal camera for cell phones developed by InfiRay. It is available in IOS and Android versions, and can be purchased at a affordable price of only 299usd. It is easy to operate, and you can use it by plugging the camera into your cell phone. In addition to photos, it also supports taking thermal imaging videos, making it arguably the best thermal camera available for Android.

InfiRay P2 Pro Thermal Camera with High Measuring Range Accuracy

  • Cheap and easy-to-use thermal imaging camera for Android - P2 pro
  • 8mm magnetic macro lens for inspection of 0201 electronic components.
  • Compact and portable with a weight of only 9 grams.
  • 256x192 resolution and wide temperature range from -20°C to 550°C
  • Enables secondary analysis of temperature data from infrared images
  • No batteries required

How to use P2 pro is as follows:

Step.1 First download and install the APP [P2PRO] in Google Play.

P2 Pro Andorid APP

Note: The iOS version of P2pro corresponds to the app name thermal P2


Step.2 Connect P2 pro to your phone, the software will open automatically, click allow on the pop-up window requesting permission.

Step.3 Next you can start using the P2 pro thermal camera. there are multiple display modes built into the app, slide the icon on the right to select them.

 3-2. FLIR ONE Pro for Android

The FLIR ONE Pro thermal imaging camera, which lets you connect your thermal imaging camera to your smartphone to capture infrared images, has also been released for Android with support for Android 4.3 and above. Simple to operate and connect to your smartphone, with a resolution of 80 x 60 pixels and an at-a-glance temperature distribution, this thermal imaging camera is part of Flir's entry-level product line, the price is 299usd.

FLIR ONE Pro for Android is operated via the dedicated FLIR ONE app.

However, some users have reported that the camera, which has only one temperature measurement point in the center, has a plug that breaks easily if dropped or subjected to external forces.

Flir One Pro

 3-3. BlackView BV6600PRO

The BlackView BV6600PRO is an Android smartphone with a built-in thermal imaging camera that retails for about $399. It looks cool, has the basic features of a smartphone, and the app runs smoothly. The App allows you to select different temperature distribution displays once launched. There are five temperature measurement points and the thermal imaging is very graphically clear and easy to understand, making it ideal for field operators who need to use a thermal camera.

BlackView BV6600PRO

  1. Frequently Asked Questions about Xinfrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

① Can I connect the iOS version of the camera to my Android phone if I use a converter?

No, this is not possible. Since iOS and Android are two different operating systems, it is not possible to use a converter to connect an iOS camera to an Android phone. Currently, the iOS version of the camera only supports connecting to iPhone and iPad, however, there will be a version that is compatible with type-c iPhone 15 and iPad and can be used on Android phones, so stay tuned!

②Can I use inflay's thermal imaging camera to measure my body temperature?

Not recommended. Body temperature measurement is also affected by a variety of factors such as vascular distribution and sweat evaporation. These factors can affect the accuracy of body temperature measurement by thermal imaging equipment. If you need to measure body temperature, use specialized thermal imaging equipment for body temperature measurement. However, when your overall body temperature is elevated (e.g., fever), the thermal imaging device will show an abnormal body temperature.

③ During the use of the camera, the screen may stutter, is this a malfunction?

Stuttering is not a malfunction. It's the camera doing an automatic refresh (can also be called correction) of the image when it hits the shutter, similar to a person looking at something for a long time, their eyes get dry and they need to blink, if the image appears blurry, you can manually click on it, and the image will be clearer, and the temperature is measured.

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