Xinfrared T2S Plus PCB Inspection Work Bench

Infiray T2S Plus PCB inspection workbench

In the world of electronics manufacturing, it is crucial to ensure the reliability and quality of printed circuit boards (PCBs). We have recently introduced a new accessory that transforms the Infiray T2S Plus into a PCB electronics inspection work bench. This accessory serves as an inspection bench specifically designed for the T2S Plus. Turning infiray T2S Plus into a real powerful analyzer and PCB test master.

It is extremely useful for inspecting electronic components and circuit boards. You can place it on your desktop and secure it, eliminating the need to hold your thermal camera with your hands. This frees up your hands and allows you to place your circuit board on the platform for a detailed thermal image analysis. It is perfect for people who frequently inspect by using computers. And it can also be used to hold a cell phone. Moreover, this inspection bench can be adjusted in terms of height and orientation. PCB motherboard check from any angle and direction.

Disadvantages of other inspection workbenches:

Only a workbench. It can only be used for electronic component and PCB inspection on top of the work bench, and cannot be used for other inspections.

Advantage of our T2S Plus inspection workbench:

Unlike other inspection workbenches that can only be used for electronic component and PCB inspections on the platform, our advantage lies in its versatility. When you connect your Infiray T2S Plus with this bench, you not only have an inspection bench but can also use the thermal camera separately. So, when you need to inspect other thermal imaging, you can use the Infiray T2S Plus on its own. When stable operation is required and you need to inspect circuit boards on your desktop, you can mount your TS2 Plus on the bench to create an inspection workbench.

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In summary: This T2S Plus PCB inspection workbench will enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of your inspection process in both your personal and professional life.