With converter, iPhone 15 connected to Infiray P2 PRO and T2 PRO

With converter, iPhone 15 connected to Infiray P2 PRO and T2 PRO

Dear iPhone 15 customers, Congratulations! You can now explore the extraordinary world of thermal imaging with your beloved iPhone 15. The Iphone 15 can now be connected to the IOS version of the thermal imaging camera via a converter. Our converter product has been developed to address the evolving needs of iPhone15 users. A solution designed to connect the Iphone 15 to the lightning port of the IOS version of the thermal imaging camera via a converter.

    1. Compatibility for iOS Users

    We explained the compatibility of iPhone 15 in our previous blog. For iPhone15 customers seeking to explore the realms of thermal imaging, our converter provides an effortless solution. This compatibility allows users to experience the unique world of thermal imaging through their iPhone15 devices, unlocking a multitude of practical applications and new possibilities. You can now use your iPhone 15 to connect to infiray P2 Pro, infiray T2 Pro and infiray T2S Plus.

    You can check:

    Infiray IPhone 15 USB-C lightning converter adapter


    2. Exploring the USB-C Version

    While our primary focus has been on Lightning interface compatibility, we understand that some users may be eager to directly connect the mobile phone thermal imaging camera to the USB-C version of their iPhone15. Developing this compatibility requires meticulous research and development, which can take 1-3 months or more. However, for those in need of a quick solution, our converter comes to the rescue.

    3. A Convenient Shortcut

    As we strive to offer the best user experience, we recognize the urgency that certain iPhone15 users may face. The need for thermal imaging can be time-sensitive, making it impractical to wait during the research and development phase of the USB-C version of. Our converter serves as a useful intermediary solution, enabling immediate connectivity with the mobile phone thermal imaging camera. This way, users can take advantage of this technology quickly and efficiently.

    P2 PRO For iPhone-15s(ios with converter)

    4. Conclusion

    Our converter products enable iPhone 15 customers to confidently connect their phone to a thermal imaging camera with a Lightning connector. While our intensive research and development efforts are underway to support the USB-C version directly, our converter offers an effective shortcut for those in need. Embrace the limitless potential of thermal imaging technology and embark on a journey of discovery with our converter solution for iPhone 15.


    • I ve just recibed the p2pro camera. I have an iPhone 15 pro. The package have the adaptor cable. 1) I cant find the “p2pro” app. There is one calles p2pro thermal. 2) i connected the camera using that app but It doesnt work.
      Help please

      - Lucas Mazars
    • Any news on where the support for iPhone 15 is? It has been 2 month since this article came out. I am keen on buying a USB C version that does not require a dongle.

      - Colin
    • I’ll buy the usb-c version once native iOS usb-c compatability is released.

      - Peter
    • Does this cable enable the iOS lightning Infiray P2 PRO camera to work with an iPAD pro that has an USB-C connector?

      - Al
    • What should people who bought the USB C version for the iPhone 15 do? This doesn’t work in any way. why don’t you mention this anywhere? I wasted my money!!!

      - Tony

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