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将图像加载到画廊查看器中,InfiRay T2S Plus サーマルカメラ、8mm マクロレンズ付き
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将图像加载到画廊查看器中,InfiRay T2S Plus サーマルカメラ、8mm マクロレンズ付き
将图像加载到画廊查看器中,Infiray T2S Plus Android with workbench
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InfiRay T2S Plus サーマルカメラ、8mm マクロレンズ付き

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素早い識別】コンパクトな T2S Plus イメージャーは、素早い識別、照準、焦点合わせのための 8mm マクロ レンズを備えています。この内蔵レンズは、回路基板やマイクロ回路のメンテナンスに非常に適しており、8 mm の近距離でミリメートルの抵抗を確認でき、最も鮮明な画像を実現します。

優れた性能】256x192 IR 解像度/49,152 ピクセルと高速 25Hz フレーム レートを備えた T2S Plus サーモグラフィー イメージャーは、全画面温度測定 (最高、最低、中央スポット) を備えた高解像度画像を提供し、電気的障害や機械的故障を示すスポットを視覚化するのに役立ちます。 、水漏れなど。

高い正確性】最大 450C (842F)、2C、または 2% の精度で測定することで、ターゲットの過熱を迅速にチェックし、隠れた熱関連の問題を正確に発見できます。住宅検査、断熱材の欠落、床暖房、水道管、施設のメンテナンス、HVACのトラブルシューティング、電気、回路基板、機械システムの専門的な検査に最適です。tems.

低消費電力】T2S Plus イメージャをスマートフォンに接続すると、電子デバイスがこのサーマル カメラに電力を供給します。消費電力はわずか 0.35 W で、イメージャは 3000 ~ 5000 mAh の携帯電話で 3 ~ 5 時間動作します。

パッケージ】Xinfrared T2S Plus (最新モデル) 付属品 (英語取扱説明書、Type-C ケーブル、T2S Plus ハンドル、保護ケース) 付き。 T2S プラス保証: 1年間の保証期間、1年間の延長保証。

互換性: Android および iOS 11 以降のスマートフォンをサポートします。

Product Model T2S Plus
Macro Lens
Pixel Pitch
44.9° x 33.4°
Image Frame Rate
Operating Temp
-20°C 〜+50°C
Temperature Measurement Range
-20°C 〜+450°C
Measurement Accuracy
±2°C or ±2% of the measuring range (the greater shall prevail)
Power Consumption
Supported OS
Android, HarmonyOS
Image Enhancement
Digital detail enhancement
Image Correction
White-hot/black-hot/multiple palettes
Secondary Development
SDK available
Measurement Statistics
Maximum/minimum/central point temperature display, and point/line/area measured temperature statistics and analysis
Video Storage
Photo and video storage
App Update
Online update( App Name: Xtherm)
Review Video

An Ideal Tool for Industrial Applications

The InfiRay T2S Plus is the world's 1st 8mm macro thermal camera for smartphones. It's been used for finding heat loss, insulation conditions, electric problems, water damage PCB, microcircuits, building HVAC detection, and so on. With the built-in 8mm focusable macro lens that can be used to zoom in on your subject.

Infiray T2S Plus 8mm Focusable macro lens

Thermal imaging is clearly visible

Ultra-detailed infrared images

T2S Plus Chip
T2S+ measure temperatures up to 450C(±2°C)

Industrial-grade accurate temperature measurement

Design battery-free

Design battery-free
T2S+ Thermal Imaging Images of Various Scenes

Powerful analysis capability

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Peter Bahry
More than pleased!

Excellent service. I recommend this camera.
I bought it for general interest and to help identify wet areas on drywall… still waiting for heavy rain to check that.
I used it on my Macbook pro logic board to identify overheating chip and overheating area. The focusing is very sharp.
Easy to use.

Damian Kubiak
Awesome piece of hardware

This camera in amazing. Small and powerful in one go. I was able to trace where DHW pipes are in the wall as well as where central heating pipes go under the floor. At the same time was able to spot cold places around doors, windows, stairs, bad insulation outside of building and so on. Electrical box with fuses is also not a problem for this it. You just need to adjust lens and you can see if there is problem there.
Refresh rate is great, like a advertised. Movies allow you to see world totally from different perspective. Kids were also interested why cold water is black. Lot of fun and education in one place.
Shipping was very fast and professionally secured. Camera packed into very nice, stylish black box and has additional carry-on grey, zipped case in which all accessories have its own place and are secured firmly.
I got a feeling that this was the best way I could spent money and have some fun.

al bruere
IR camera test

test IR camera with success

Zdzislaw Raczek
the camera itself works great but the software doesn't

the camera itself works great but the software doesn't, after a short time of use it jams and slows down a lot, neither the PC nor software works on my computers at all

Jacek Sztainwald
InfiRay T2S Plus

Kamerka super jakość, realizacja transakcji bardzo szybka .Popecam