Xinfrared T2 Pro Thermal Monocular For Hunting Outdoor Life

Xinfrared T2 Pro Thermal Imaging Monocular Scope Mate

The InfiRay T2 pro iOS version not only is a thermal camera, but also a thermal monocular. It is a handheld device that uses thermal imaging to see in the dark. It has a long-range viewing distance of up to 1300m, making it designed specifically for observing in difficult or dangerous environments.

The T2 pro iOS version fits the bottom of your iOS smartphone and easily turns your phone into a thermal spotter. It's going to change the dynamics of being able to record the shooting in thermal. It is a thermal spotter monocular with all the features of recording, imaging, and hotspot tracking, it is phenomenal!

APP Installation

There's the APP called "Xinfrared(infiRay Search)"for you to have a look at straight into it. You can find it in your play store.

Support version: iOS 13 and above

Support Model: for iPhone11 and above

Key Note: When using the extension cable, please connect the thermal camera first, and then connect your phone.

For iPhone and iOS 13 and above

For desktop and smartphone

APP name: Xinfrared
Resolution: 256×192; Pixel Pitch: 12μm
Spectral Band: 8~14μm
Focal length:13.0mm
Focus Mode:Manual
Frame rate:25Hz
NETD:≤50mk MRTD:≤500mK; Power Consumption:<350mW
Image Enhancement:Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)
Reticle:Support,With hot/Cold Spot tracking
Color palette:Highlight,White hot,black hot,red hot,and other pseudo colors.
Secondary development:Provide SDK for Secondary Development
Video saving:Support phone and video saving
Cross cursor:Tracking and focusing
Magnification:Support 2X~15X continous digital zoom

T2 pro Specification

Dual mode tap to switch

Support 2X~15X continous digital zoom

Dynamic Hotspot Tracking

T2 Pro usage scenarios

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