The InfiRay Xview V2 handheld Pocket-size thermal camera is a portable infrared thermal imager that is capable of infrared observation and temperature measurement. With its robust construction, accurate temperature measurement capabilities, high-definition imaging, and versatile features, the Xview V2 is the perfect tool for various applications ranging from home improvement to industrial maintenance. Let's explore its impressive features in detail.

InfiRay Xview V2 Portable Infrared Thermographic Thermal Camera

Compact and Convenient Design:

Weighing under 200g and measuring just 1236135mm, the InfiRay Xview V2 is incredibly lightweight and compact. Its pocket-sized form factor allows for easy portability, making it an ideal companion for professionals who are constantly on the move. Whether you're a technician, inspector, or outdoor enthusiast, the Xview V2 effortlessly fits into your pocket or toolkit, ensuring accessibility whenever and wherever you need it.

Durability for All Environments:

The Xview V2 is designed to withstand the demands of challenging environments. With a 1-meter anti-drop rating and IP54 protection against dust and splashes, this thermal imager is built to last. It can handle accidental drops and survive the rigors of daily use without compromising its functionality. No matter the conditions you encounter, the Xview V2 is a reliable tool that won't let you down.

Clear Display for Detailed Observation:

Equipped with a 3-inch LCD large screen, the InfiRay Xview V2 delivers a crisp and clear display of thermal images. The high-resolution screen ensures that you can view captured infrared images with precision and clarity. Whether you're conducting inspections, troubleshooting electrical systems, or analyzing HVAC performance, the Xview V2 provides an optimal viewing experience, allowing you to spot potential issues efficiently.

Accurate Temperature Measurement:

Temperature measurement accuracy is crucial when it comes to thermal imaging. The InfiRay Xview V2 excels in this aspect, offering accurate temperature measurement within a range of -20 to 400°C (-4 to 752°F). With a remarkable accuracy of 0.1°C, you can rely on the Xview V2 to provide precise readings for critical analysis and decision-making. Whether you're identifying heat leaks, determining equipment performance, or conducting preventive maintenance, the Xview V2 ensures reliable temperature measurement.

Intelligent Temperature Tracking:

The Xview V2 goes beyond standard temperature measurement with its high and low temperature automatic tracking feature. This intelligent function enables the device to automatically identify the hottest and coldest spots within a thermal image. By efficiently tracking extreme temperatures, professionals can swiftly pinpoint areas of concern, allowing for effective troubleshooting and targeted interventions. This feature enhances efficiency and saves valuable time during inspections and assessments.

Seamless Image Transmission and Sharing:

Collaboration and information sharing are essential in many professional settings. The InfiRay Xview V2 facilitates seamless image transmission and sharing through its multi-device Wi-Fi connectivity. You can easily transfer thermal images to other devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers for real-time collaboration, documentation, and reporting. This convenient feature proves invaluable for professionals working in teams or seeking remote expert opinions.

High-Definition Imaging Capability:

At the core of the InfiRay Xview V2 lies a cutting-edge 256×192 high-definition vanadium oxide detector core. With a pixel size of 12μm and a thermal sensitivity of less than 60mk (NETD.mK), this thermal imager captures clear and detailed thermal images, ensuring excellent image quality for accurate analysis. From identifying energy inefficiencies to detecting hidden defects, the Xview V2 empowers professionals to make informed decisions based on precise thermal imaging data.

Enhanced User Experience:

The Xview V2 offers various features to optimize user experience and efficiency. It presents a range of eight color palettes, including Black Hot, White Hot, Iron Red, and more, allowing users to customize the thermal image display according to their preferences and requirements. Additionally, the built-in 8G memory ensures ample storage for captured images, providing easy access and retrieval of data for future reference.

Extended Battery Life and Versatile Connectivity:

With its built-in 2200mAh lithium battery, the InfiRay Xview V2 delivers an impressive battery life of approximately 5 hours. This extended operational time ensures uninterrupted usage during critical tasks, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. Furthermore, the Xview V2 supports both Wi-Fi and USB connectivity, enabling seamless integration with mobile devices and computers via dedicated apps. Users can capture photos and videos directly using the app, facilitating efficient documentation and analysis while on the go.

The InfiRay Xview V2 Portable Infrared Thermographic Camera combines portability, durability, and advanced features to provide professionals with a reliable and versatile thermal imaging solution. Whether you're involved in home improvement, industrial maintenance, or outdoor activities, Xview V2 can help you.

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