Are Infiray P2 PRO and T2 PRO Cmpatible with Apple 15?

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In the era of evolving smartphone accessories, it is crucial for manufacturers to ensure compatibility between their devices and third-party products. With the updating of iPhone products, the traditional Apple lightning is shifted to USB-C connection, many people are wondering whether Infiray P2 Pro, T2 Pro and T2 Plus are compatible with Apple 15. This blog post aims to shed light on the issue and provide potential solutions.


  1. iPhone 15 USB-C Incompatibility
  2. Lighting-to-USB-C Adapter Cable
  3. Direct Compatibility on the Horizon
  4. Conclusion

1. iPhone 15 USB-C Incompatibility

The USB-C port on the iPhone 15 is currently not compatible with the Infiray TYPE-C connector thermal camera(Infiray P2 Pro, Infiray T2 Pro and Infiray T2S Plus), which is primarily used on Android versions of thermal cameras. Therefore, users of the iPhone 15 and other iOS devices with a USB-C connector will not be able to connect their device to the camera.

Note that the USB-C connector for the iPhone 15 is not yet available, which adds to the compatibility challenge.

However, for Apple 15 users, purchasing the IOS version of the camera from our website now will include a free Lighting to USB-C adapter cable ( please choose the ios version with converter).

iphone 15 usb-c jack

2. Lighting-to-USB-C Adapter Cable

For users who have purchased an Infiray camera with T2 PRO IOS or P2 PRO iOS, Xinfrared has developed a Lightning to Type-C adapter cable, which allows you to connect your Infiray P2 PRO iOS, T2 PRO iOS or T2S Plus iOS via the USB-C port to the newer versions of the iPhone 15 or iPad. The adapter is now available and can be purchased from our store (free shipping). 

3. Direct Compatibility on the Horizon

Exciting news is on the horizon for iPhone 15 users eager to connect to Infiray Xinfrared thermal camera. Development efforts are underway to enable direct compatibility between the latest iPhone 15 and the Android version of Infiray mobile thermal imaging camera, which utilizes the USB-C connector. Estimated time is 1-3 months. This compatibility update is expected to be available as early as January (Based on actual time). Bringing a seamless connection experience to iPhone 15 owners.

Infiray P2 PRO inspects vehicles

4. Conclusion

While the current incompatibility between iPhone 15's USB-C and Infiray thermal camera may pose a minor setback for users at present, Infiray is actively working on solutions to address this issue. The Lightning Converter that has already been released, followed by the eventual compatibility update for the iPhone 15 and the Android version of the thermal camera, showcases Xinfrared commitment to providing a diverse range of users with a seamless experience. Stay tuned for updates and ensure to check our website ( for the latest information on compatibility solutions for your device.

If you have other mobile phone models, we have attached the compatibility table for other mobile phone models below, please download and check it. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions. (

Compatibility Guide:

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31 комментарии

  • So will the iOS version work on Android with an adapter cable?

    - Ade
  • The Thermal P2 app was updated today, but still no USB-C support for iPhone 15. :(

    - Jeff
  • Will the iPhone 15 version be released before e/of August 2024. I will take no answer as a no. Will need for September 2024. I will be forced to buy an alternative product if not available as the legacy model with the cable is too fiddly. Would appreciate an answer on this. Thanks.

    - Toby
  • The deception is getting tiresome for me. Been waiting since last year only to keep hearing the same excuses.

    No, its not difficult nor does it requre any extensive “work” A simple firmware update at most. Lightning IS USB afterall.

    They simply have stockpiles of the Lightning models they need ot get rid of…

    I think its time to vote with my wallet and buy one from the competition. I am sure there a many who are in the same boat and will eventally give up waiting, like I did…

    - TS
  • FYI – I sent Xinfrared an email a few weeks ago and the response (on April 10th) was “We are still working on it. We are not sure when it will be available.”

    - Jeff

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