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InfiRay T2 Pro 隨時隨地將您的智慧型手機變成熱成像單筒望遠鏡。 無論您喜歡狩獵還是擁有農場,並且不喜歡野豬進入您的土地,T2 Pro 都可以幫助您在夜間輕鬆檢測 400 多碼外的豬、土狼、鹿和其他動物。 它也是野生動物探險家和戶外愛好者在荒野中生存的絕佳工具。
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This all metel shell for InfiRay T2 Pro Thermal Monocular Camera attaches to the Infiray handgrip and provides a secure mount for the camera and your smartphone. Handgrip mount for night hunting, ...
InfiRay T2 Pro is the best thermal monocular under $400, this professional camera module that can easily turn your smartphone into a thermal imaging camera, with 256 x 192 IR resolution and 13.6° FOV and a zoom function of 2-15x complete the outdoor tracking.